20 February 2014
20 February 2014, Comments Comments Off on AÇEV- MEK- GÜNDÜZ

Our charity friendship started in year 2012 with ÇYDD- Melek Erman Köni Education Foundation. Mrs Köni send me the selected children who were in need of  dental treatment . I and my colleague  Dr Sinem Ok treated these children free of charge in my clinic. We did dental cleaning, floride treatment, composite- fillings, fissur sealents and when needed extractions. In year 2013 Melek Erman Köni Education Foundation joined the Mother Child Education Foundation ( AÇEV).  They are supervising 160 children between the ages 4- 13 in AÇEV- MEK Foundation. We gave a start to our 2014 project today by examining 160 children’s teeth and classifying the dental treatment needs according to priority . My good friend Dr Ugur Meric and I will treat these children free of charge in our clinics. Ipana provided us free of charge 160 toothpastes and toothbrushes. Our young assistants did teach children how to brush their teeth.  Our aim is not only to treat unhealthy teeth but also to educate these children and their parents about mouth hygiene.

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