Agrı Istanbul Wien

20 April 2014
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I was the snow white for one evening with my giant seven Austrian Dwarfs in Istanbul.
Harald Friedl ( a childhood friend of mine) and his mountain climbing buddies did stop over in İstanbul on their way back to home. They climb every easter a mountain , and last easter they did the highest mountain of Turkey, 5137 m tall Agrı Dağı. The Mountain called Ararat in Armenian Language. This mountain is a volcanic one in the east region of Turkey where I have not been yet. We enjoyed a great evening in the gorgeous city İstanbul, and I really enjoyed  being the Snow White 🙂 .  That night by coincidence the movie ” 7 years of Tibet ” Brad Pitt version 🙂 was on the TV when I was back at home. I watched the true life story of Heinrich Harrer an Austrian mountain climber . That was a lovely night.:)

A month later during my stay in Vienna we met again (half of the team ) and enjoyed the great music ( mainly Mozart and Strauss) at the Schönbrunn Palace Orangerie. One of the Dwarfs Severin was playing in the orchestra! I was proud of him 🙂 Thank you for the invitation Severin. I appreciate it!

I also bought the book in original language ” 7 Jahre in Tibet” in Vienna which will be the book I will be reading during my summer vacation time 🙂

Well Giant Dwarfs, good luck for the next destination to be climbed and I have to tell you you are so lucky  that you have such a great friendship. Cheers. Hope to see you more often.

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