Basketball Academy Summer Camp

12 July 2013
12 July 2013, Comments Comments Off on Basketball Academy Summer Camp

I really enjoyed being a part of Ibrahim Kutluay Basketball Academy and  MVP Sports between June 10th and July 12th. We had the chance to teach almost  500 children in 6 groups divided  based on their age during this time.  We gave 1 hour lesson at the start of each camp group  about mouth hygiene and 1 hour  lesson about mouthguards- oral first aid at the end. GUM firm sponsored us by providing tooth pase and oral wash for the kids.
Murat Özgül, Ercüment Ülker and Devrim Kıvanc were the head coaches of more than 20 coaches who were ready to help to the young campers.
I will meet Devrim Kıvanç and  3 more coaches in Philadelphia the first week of august. They are taking a group of young campers to their colleagues from Philadelphia 76 ers to train together.  I will be there to join the annual meeting of American Academy of Sports Dentistry. Such a coincidence the same time ! I look forward to meeting them again in Philadelphia.

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