Bogazici Sultans

3 December 2013
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I am very pleased to sponsor the Bogazici Sultans American Football Team and Club. This team is very special since, American Football has come to Turkey in year 1987  via  the Bogazici University student-atheletes. The first head coach was Greg Wolff.  I am very proud of these young men and they were in a great cooperation with me during fabricating the mouthguards. They are the champions of the last season and they will attend the IFAF Europe Champion League next spring.
Why am I sponsoring these young men?
First of all they have a special history by being the first and giving a lot of effort to build the American Football structure in Turkey, a country where almost nobody is interested in this sport. Secondly  Bogazici University is a state university and these players finance themselves! No support from the University! Their competitors are private universities which, have a yearly satisfactory budget for thecnical equipments. These players play with their motivation and legacy. But they need support for new helmets, shoulder pads, mouthguard…etc.
Last Sunday I was with them during the game vs Hacettepe University. To be honest that was my first game as well. I was with the rookies and injured players who explained me the game! That was great fun! I stayed 3,5 hours until the end.  Well I look forward to the next game! Go Sultans!

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