Crazy Guyona Bike

15 May 2012
15 May 2012, Comments Comments Off on Crazy Guyona Bike

As we were in Istanbul for a bit of time, I made arrangements to visit a dentist. On one of the expat websites, I found Dr. Elif Gündüz . In addition to Turkish, she also speaks fluent English and German. She gave instructions on the easiest way to get from where we were to her office, which involved using a dolmus, a shared mini-bus taxi that runs a set route within a city. It departs from the terminal only when a sufficient amount of passengers have boarded. We had a bit of difficulty locating the terminal from which the dolmus departed, but once we were at the correct spot, it was only a matter of waiting in line and then getting in once an empty dolmus arrived going our way. I had drawn out a map and some landmarks so it was pretty straightforward. Once at the end of the line, the dolmus emptied. Compared to the metro, the dolmus was very fast and economical, 2.50 TL each. The problem now was we didn’t know exactly where we were. After asking a few people (and being sent off in the wrong direction), we eventually arrived at the dentist office. Prices certainly weren’t as cheap as Bangkok but as it had been 1-½ years since having my teeth checked and cleaned, it was something I wanted done. It certainly didn’t hurt that a cavity was attended to as well!
The dentist’s office was in a very swank area, the streets lined with expensive name-brand shops with a great number of people milling about. By the time we exited, it was dark. It was a very different Istanbul than what we had grown accustomed to in our area.