Cycling Around The World

15 May 2012
15 May 2012, Comments Comments Off on Cycling Around The World


Dear Paul and Zoe! I am so happy that I had the chance to meet you in Istanbul.
Zoe found me by internet when she needed a dentist during their stay in İstanbul. It was a pleasure for me to give her a dental treatment.
Paul and Zoe are a couple of travelers who have decided to try it by bicycle. They are both over 50, did the usual “quit-your-job and sell-your-house” bit and have been on the road since September, 2008.
They have differing backgrounds for this cycling trip. Paul has some cycling experience and Zoe has not been on a bicycle for 30 years. Paul is accustomed to campiang and Zoe hasn’t slept in a tent for, you guessed it, 30 years. But now she has!
Nancy and Dave found my address through Paul and Zoe. I appreciate that. They are also great people like Paul and Zoe! Dave calls me ” I am a young dinasour regarding analogue photography…” when i see you guys (PAUL, ZOE, NANCY, DAVE )  i really feel like i should move…  :)))
I am jealous of all of you! Keep moving guys…. I appreciate your effort and energy very much. WISH YOU A SAFE TRIP. CHEERS!!

Nancy and Dave