EOS Iceland

26 June 2013
26 June 2013, Comments Comments Off on EOS Iceland

This year the annual European Orthodontic Society Congress took place in a very unique country.  Iceland 🙂 The Harpa Concert Hall was used during the lectures! Such a terrific  architecture! Such a great ambience!  I had a chance to take sightseeing tours in the National Park, visited waterfalls, Glacier and I entered the magma chamber (120 m down in the earth!!) with my dearest  Colleague Karl Förster and his lovely wife Marie.
Such a great adventure! I have very good observations and commends about Iceland, Icelandic / Nordic art (minimalist, simple and very elegant) , architecture, education level escipacially for nature protection and fight against global warming, Icelandic selfconfidence with friendship.  All is great there. We catched the longest days, i used my time day and night very effective. It must be hard in winter though, only 4 hours sunshine in december and plus 10 more seconds every following day! Well, congress was also as good as the country… 😉

IMG_2215 harpa 2 IMG_2195 IMG_2203 IMG_2217