Grünauer Vienna and Elio's NYC

5 July 2013
5 July 2013, Comments Comments Off on Grünauer Vienna and Elio’s NYC

I gave the last lecture of  summer semester 2013 in Vienna. My audience was happy with my lecture such as my Professor. As tradition we went to the  Restaurant Grünauer in 7th District and enjoyed great Austrian Cuisine. Prof Bantleon’s wife Dani and secretary Maria also joined this beautiful evening and delicious dinner. Well next lecture is in October, and I am already looking forward to it. Bis dann Aufwiedersehen!
ps:  last year in Elio’s on 2nd Ave in NYC i was offered an after dinner drink by the bartender. He said that ; no way on the world i can say where this drink from. And he continued that his father in law owns the best local restaurant in his country and  brings the bottle with him from Europe. I said I think I know this taste and asked to  see the bottle. Oops It was a schnaps from Burgenland Austria! 🙂 I asked the name of his father in law and the answer was : Mr Grünauer! Such a coincidence! I told him that I know his father in law and of course he did not beleive me and made me speak on the phone with his father to test this coincidence! 🙂

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