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4 June 2012
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Füsun Vollmuth, who moved to Istanbul in 2009 became one of my good friends here. I met her in one of the organizations of the InterNations Istanbul 2 years ago.
Last week we met in another organization to celebrate her new position as Co-Ambassador for the Istanbul InterNations Team. She will share this position with Chris Gemmel.
Congratulations Füsun and Chris!
Gundula Strittmatter, (who is my patient as well as her sons and husband) has been the Ambassador of the Istanbul InterNations Team since the start  of the InterNations 2007. Her Co-Ambassador Metin Suerkan will be the new ambassador, while Gundula is moving to China.

Yolun Acık Olsun Gundula!   Alles Gute!

Strittmatter Family has done many contributions to Istanbul. I had a very nice birthday present from Füsun last Friday.
It was the book written by Gundula’s husband
Kai Strittmatter ” Gebrauchsanweisung für Istanbul” published by Piper .
if I may translate to English “Instruction Manual for Istanbul” :)))
I have started reading the book and even I am a turkish who is a resident for 9 years in Istanbul I need these instructions.
Kai is coming to my practice on wednesday for a dental check up , and I will be very pleased to have his signature on the cover of the book.

fusun gundula IMG_0397 IMG_0398