Leave With Outpay

17 May 2012
17 May 2012, Comments Comments Off on Leave With Outpay

Our teeth are clean and thankfully no big issues.  If anyone is looking for a good dentist in Istanbul we’d recommend Dr Elif Gϋndϋz.  She is a fluent English speaker, trained in Vienna and has her own practice in the Nişantaşi neighborhood (easily reachable by dolmus from Sultanahmet).  She seems very skilled at what she does and has a great personality and small hands – all the things you wish for in a dentist!  She is an avid photographer as well – see her website and her blog  for details .  There’s nothing like newly-cleaned teeth to brighten your mood.
I think our favourite breakfast so far might have been the one we got at a roadside eatery next to a petrol station about 50k west of Sivrihisar (with great bread, nice fried eggs, and a great cheese and honey mix), with the breakfast at the Hideaway Hotel in Kaş a close second (great variety of really fresh food, including some great cheese and walnut mix).  Sometimes you can negotiate a price without breakfast but it is generally not a big difference and you would often spend more than the difference getting something similar at a café.

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