Prevention & Mouthguard

11 October 2013
11 October 2013, Comments Comments Off on Prevention & Mouthguard

It was a nice lecture about prevention- sports dentistry and mouthguards. After my lecture with the help of the technitian Barbara Pöltl, we made a  hands-on workshop for the assistant doctors at our clinic, Bernhard Gottlieb Medical University Department of Orthodontics. Barbara fabricated one black sports mouthguard from  2 layers of 3 mm EVA  by Scheu Dental. This mouthguard will be used by our patient during practicing soccer. Dr Michael Nikl form General Accident Insurance Company (AUVA) was also very interested for the laboratory procedure as well as the lecture. It is a great pleasure to work with Dr Michael Nikl and I look forward to starting our future project for Austria.

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