Dental First Aid

Things To Do

When the traumatised tooth is totally knocked out:

1. Be calm , and help the traumatised athlete to calm down
2- Find the knocked out tooth , search the environment if necessary
3- Hold the tooth at its crown, and do not touch the root
4- Wash the tooth while holding at its crown if there is dirt attached to it
5- Place the tooth back into its socket in the bone
6- Be sure that the knocked out tooth is placed correctly into its original place, place a clean napkin between the replaced tooth and the adjacent tooth, and tell the athlete to bite gently on the napkin. Go immediately to a dentist.

If you can’t replace the tooth into its socket and/ or a piece of the tooth is broken, place the tooth and/ or the broken part in milk. If no milk is available than the owner of the knocked out tooth should place the tooth between his / her teeth and cheeks, and must go immediately to a dentist.

Do not forget !
The success rate decreases with the time. The quicker you replace the knocked out tooth and go to a dentist , the higher is the chance to save the tooth.